Disgraced ex-cop looking for revenge


Real Name: Randy Hendrix


Sledge did not start his life as a gruff ex-cop. It all started on the streets of Dallas. His first memories were of digging through dumpsters for food, his small malnourished frame barely able to climb in and out to get what he needed to survive. This didn’t last long and he was found by a kind beat cop who kept an eye on him till the foster system picked him up.

The foster system in Dallas could not find any record of him, his parents, or of his birth. The cop that found him had started calling him Randy because, as he put it, he looked like a childhood friend of his. Randy found the foster system a secure place to grow up in but was treated cruelly by most of the children. Being a scrawny ogre it was not easy defending himself from the harassing. He found solace in the music of the mid-20th century and took the last name Hendrix after the singer whose music brought him the most comfort.

When puberty hit, not only did he grow tall and strong, he started seeing thing the other children did not see. About that same time an old Native American man started talking to him about power and strength when the other children were not around. Randy called him Old Man Thunder because of the deep rumble in his voice. The stories he told delighted and frightened Randy but the underlying meanings of them resonated with him and he unknowingly learned things normal people were never meant to know. One day in his late teens a group of children finally pushed him too far and he struck back. Energy coursed through his body and he threw the other children across the room. By the time the supervisors at the home showed up several children had broken limbs and one boy was close to death from what the authorities figured was a mana spell. Hearing about the incident the CAS military jumped at the chance to get their hands on an orphan magic user and hushed everything up. They made Randy an offer and he accepted. He left Dallas the next day and entered the CAS military academy in Atlanta.

Randy thrived at the academy, he learned that Old Man Thunder was a mentor spirit. He learned about different types of magic and how he was drawn to the shamanistic arts. In his testing and training he was found to be what is known as an aspect mage, he was not the full magician that the military was hoping for but with a lack of magic coming into the military they didn’t complain and altered his training to better utilize him talents.

Upon graduating he entered the military and did his contracted tour. He saw action in several border skirmishes and helped counter several runs against CAS military and government compounds. On one such mission he picked up a sledge from the construction site his unit was watching and used it to defend himself from several mercs. By the time the rest of his unit found him two mercs were dead with caved in skulls and the last was begging for mercy with a shattered shoulder. He carried it through the rest of his tour of duty and it had much use. His unit gave him the moniker Sledge since he seemed to deal more damage with it than most any other weapon at his disposal. He considers it his good luck charm and carries it with him even today. At least the head is original, the handle having been replaced several times.

At the end of his tour instead of reenlisting he took an offer from Lone Star and became a cop. He still remembered the officer that helped him out years ago and thought that becoming one himself would honor that memory of kindness that has been so rare in his life. After a few months of training at the police academy he was ready for duty and was assigned to the mage division in Seattle. He worked hard and after several years made detective. A short while later Sebastian joined the detective ranks and Randy worked with him from time to time on cases. It was noticed how well Rand and Sebastian worked together by higher ups and when Sebastian was recruited for the undercover work Randy was brought in to back him up.

When things turned south and their superior was found dead even with the questionable evidence against Sebastian what damned Randy was the blood smear found on his sledge that belonged to the victim. He was allowed to leave the force but his reputation was ruined. He lost most everything because of this but even forced to live a squatter’s life he just wants to clear his and Sebastian’s names and get vengeance on those that wronged them. Till that day he’ll do what he has too to get by and help out Sebastian when he can.


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