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Story Hooks

Family elders
Just who are these guys??

“Maltese Falcon” backstory with the explorer Sebastián de Ocampo and the Templars.
In 1539 the Knight Templars of Malta, paid tribute to Charles V of Spain, by sending him a Golden Falcon encrusted from beak to claw with rarest jewels—but pirates seized the galley carrying this priceless token and the fate of the Maltese Falcon remains a mystery to this day — From <https: />

Spirit Whisperer

Witness my Wrath

Who is/was police superior? What exactly happened to them?


Real name: Sebastián (de) Ocampo

Mentor Spirit: Falcon

The de Ocampo (or Ocampo) family has been well established in Cuba for centuries. It survived colonial and communist times, as well as revolutions and troubles. It has studiously remained Spanish, ostracizing any family member of mestizo blood. The name Sebastián has passed down for generations, since the 16th Century.

In 2055, Sebastián and his immediate family immigrated to Florida, CAS, from Cuba, Caribbean League, against the advice of his surviving elders. His parents were pursuing an opportunity at Ford Motor Company’s delivery truck business. [Corporate Drone]

The family elders threatened to ostracize the family, and did so. Despite the cold shoulder, the family returned to visit from time to time.

During one visit, Sebastián fell ill with fever and hallucinations. The extended family insisted on traditional treatment rather than a hospital. [Allergy: antibiotics]

It became clear quickly that Sebastián was undergoing a difficult Awakening – and also besieged by spirits. The elders (who had maintained the secrecy of their magical tradition) tried to ward the area, but Sebastián was dragged off into the night. [Spirit Whisperer]

Sebastián was found the next day, some 30 miles away, dashed upon the rocky beach at the base of Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca. He was unconcious and naked, with many broken bones, covered with bruises, and suffering from exposure, hypothermia, and Drain.

He has very little memory, except of fighting for his life. Sebastián knows that at some point in his ordeal he realized that his hallucinations were real spirits and that they meant him harm. He recalls dodging their attacks for a moment, long enough to dislodge a stone at the base of the castle – where he found a ring. When he was found the next day, he had some knowledge of a few spells and the spirits were gone, so he assumes he drove them away. [Witness my Hate] [Power Focus]

Sebastián remembers, but has never revealed, that he saw the whole ordeal observed by a spirit flying high above. That spirit has remained with him to this day. [Mentor Spirit: Falcon]

The family elders demanded that Sebastián be left in Cuba, to be trained in their magical tradition. While Sebastián was believed to be unconcious and unable to hear, they revealed that the Templar tradition was foreign and hated by the spirits native to Cuba. Sebastián’s immediate family threatened to get the immigration police involved if he wasn’t allowed to leave, and so, in a few days they returned to CAS.

Sebastián to this day retains the ring that he found. It is a heavy ring, plain in shape and made of gold. The entire surface is coated in black enamel. The image of a falcon is scratched away on the outside face. The inside face bears a repeating cruciform tessellation wrought in orichalcum inlay. He has kept it on him at all times since then, even if he has had to hide it. [Emotional Attachment]

Trying to put all of the supernatural problems in the past, Sebastián’s family worked with their corporate employer to get him some scholarships to “proper” magical school. They believed (reasonably!) that any hostile spirit would be suicidal to pursue him to a whole school full of wizards and their instructors.

Sebastián matriculated to the Georgia Institute of Technology and Magic. Foci were forbidden to underclassmen, but he kept his ring safe and hidden – and usually inactive. Mentor spirits were welcome at school, and Sebastián was eager to not repeat his ordeal at the hands of hostile spirits, so he studied hard. He attempted several minors and electives, including history and military studies, but he found that the criminal justice courses were a natural draw for him. It certainly didn’t hurt that Lone Star was offering scholarships and grants for international students and magical talent.

By special arrangement with Lone Star, Sebastián graduated directly into their employ. He served two years as a constable on the magical talent fast-track, before promotion to detective specialist. The fast-track program gained him a great salary as a rising star, but also quite a lot of negative attention and envy from his peers. (This would be a good time to meet the Sledge)

Sebastián served as a detective specialist for several years, counting many collars and no shortage of street battles to his credits. He gained no shortage of enemies, and a few precious friends.

He was approached several times with offers of graft, mundane and magical. Sebastián declined all of those offers, offended by them. [Code of Honor] [Mentor Spirit: Falcon]

One of Sebastián’s superiors approached him, with an offer to begin more undercover, low-key field work. After a few assignments and learning the ropes, the same superior offered a major assignment. (This could be a mafia, organleggers, military corruption, or internal affairs, etc – something that will be a good story tie-in for the campaign!)

The investigation was plodding along, with occasional headway but other frustrations, suggesting that there was much more, much larger, yet to be found.

The evening after a long, difficult meeting to discuss the gathered evidence and lack of progress, Sebastián’s superior was found dead in his/her office. Fingerprints and camera recordings showed Sebastián as the culprit, and the bullet matched his service pistol (taken from and returned to the station locker). But there was enough question about the obviously altered and planted evidence to make the frame-up obvious.

Sebastián was left in the cold, though. Other superior officers in Lone Star had little interest in picking up his ongoing investigations. There was no way to tell which of them knew, or feared, that Sebastián had been investigating them for IA, either.

Just about a month has passed since the murder of Sebastián’s superior. In that time, he’s had very little responsibility except to send in time sheets. It’s obvious he’s out in the cold… but why and because of whom?

Big Daddy

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