Long Range Snowball


Shiya, Real name Charlotte Cavendish, is a Class III surge. She is one of the lucky ones who showed up not looking hideous and deformed. She Looks like a Anthropomorphic Snow Leopardess with long white human head hair and blue eyes.1331863427.mizumi_shinraiyukisketch-daggersmaller.png


She has no Memory of her parents. Seeing that she was born a Class III surge, a new species that they had never seen they abandoned her. She was found wrapped in a blanket wet and cold on the doorstep of the Angel’s Haven Orphanage in the Pittsburgh Slums. The head mother there gave her a name and she grew up in the orphanage until she reached the age of 15. On her 15th birthday she was released from the orphanage with no where to go. With her appearance it was hard for her to find a job or make a living. She quickly became a member of a street gang and started using drugs. Over the next year her life went downhill marked by violence and heavy drug and alcohol use and addiction. Eventually she to the point where all she wanted was drugs. Starving, lethargic and caring about nothing, not even her own body or life she was constantly in a drug induced haze and always more and more desperate for drugs.

At some point, she doesn’t even fully remember it happening she signed her own life away, selling herself for drugs. She ended up being smuggled out of the U.C.A.S. in a crate and sold to one of the head bosses of the Tamanous whom had a large hidden estate in the S.S.C. mountains. He kept her chained up as a pet/slave to show off to others. With no way to get drugs she went through a bad withdrawal and her body cleaned up after about 6 months, for the first time in almost 2 years she was cognizant.

At about 7 months into her captivity a Mercenary strike team hired by the U.C.AS. To capture or eliminate the Tamanous Boss stormed the compound quickly overwhelming the paramilitary security and killing the Boss. The Leader of the Mercenary Unit and head of the Armed Response Branch of the Special Information Services group ,William Cavendash, decided to rescue and take her with them as they were leaving.

They hiked several miles through the deep snow covered mountains to where they were supposed to be extracted. Right before they reached the extraction point a unit of motorized Tamanous guards caught up with them. During the engagement Charlotte and William were separated from the team. William was badly wounded and Charlotte picked up his rifle and carried him for several miles through the snow refusing to leave him behind when told to do so. With the wounded William’s instructions she used the rifle to kill several Tamanous guards who were tracking them. Charlotte refused to give up and they made it to a secondary extraction point where they met up with the rest of the team and were extracted via helicopter.

William impressed with Charlotte’s determination and refusal to leave him offered her a new and better life. He made sure she received education and began training her to be a member of the armed branch of SIS group, eventually adopting her as his daughter. Charlotte began working for SIS when she turned 19, she excelled at stealth, long range shooting and covert VIP Protection.
During her cold weather training, which she excelled at due to her natural fur, a Eskimo who was training her kept jokingly calling her Shiya which is Eskimo for Snowball because of her white floofy fur . She embraced the nickname and continues to use it. She worked with SIS doing counter terrorism operations and VIP protection in the middle east, amazonia, Germany, C.A.S. And U.C.A.S..

After 8 years she wanted to take a break from being a contractor and try to live a normal life for a while. She moved to ________ where she bought a decent middle class house and got a night job working as a bartender and hostess at a upscale BDSM club where she has been happy at. Occasionally she will do side work doing VIP protection or assisting local lone star for some extra money.


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